Invoicing with Aunoa

Below, we discuss some more of Aunoa's helpful features.

Aunoa knows the right form.

Sometimes, it's the litte things.

Aunoa selects the invoice form for you automatically, based on the type of matter.

Don't worry about Form 23C vs Form 24D vs Form 4 vs Form ....

Record an Election of Trial by Jury in Aunoa, and the appropriate invoice is selected for you. Then, inform legal aid in one click.

Track your revenue over time

Automatically generate an analysis of your practice's financial health.

Track Previously Invoiced Activities

Aunoa keeps a record of your previously invoiced activities.

That way, you don't have to go back and check whether you billed that unopposed bail variation.

Prevent Errors

Aunoa has the rules of Legal Aid Invoicing baked in.

Helpful comments save time by detecting errors before you file your invoice.

Calculate Hearing Time

Calculate hearing time automatically - no more counting waiting time on your fingers.

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Say goodbye to administrative overload.
Aunoa allows you to focus on what matters most to you. It is simple to use and makes life in practice easier.