Handling Your Obligations with Aunoa

Increasing obligations as a barrister can consume your day. Letters of Engagement, Disclosure Requests, and Representation Notices take up more and more time.

This video demonstrates how Aunoa makes it simple:

File Note and Time-Keep in Aunoa

Time-Keeping is now mandatory for all Criminal Legal Aid matters.

Tracking time in Aunoa allows you to comply with MoJ obligations, while preparing file notes.

Aunoa also detects when your Time-Keeping exceeds the value of the relevant Fixed Fee - it tells you that an ATG is recommended.

So, Time-Keeping can now improve your revenue.

Automate  Emails in Aunoa

Some correspondence is routine to the point of monotony.

Aunoa automatically generates emails that fall into that category, such as Prison Visit requests, AVL requests, informing Legal Aid of Election of Trial by Jury or Additional Charges, and much more.

This all works right within your email provider of choice.

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Say goodbye to administrative overload.
Aunoa allows you to focus on what matters most to you. It is simple to use and makes life in practice easier.