Practice Management with Aunoa

Track the status of your practice at a glance, with Aunoa - your revenue, upcoming appearances, the breakdown of your matters, and even export all of your invoices to Xero

Export your Invoices to Xero

Many Barristers file dozens of invoices each month. The bookkeeping for all of those invoices can be time-consuming. Aunoa allows you to export all of them to Xero in just a couple of clicks.

Track Outstanding Invoices

Invoices can slip through - sometimes, they don't get paid. Aunoa automatically tracks outstanding invoices to confirm that they've been paid.

File Note and Time-Keep in Aunoa

Time-Keeping is now mandatory for all Criminal Legal Aid matters.

Tracking time in Aunoa allows you to comply with MoJ obligations, while preparing file notes.

Aunoa also detects when your Time-Keeping exceeds the value of the relevant Fixed Fee - it tells you that an ATG is recommended.

So, time-Keeping can now improve your revenue.

Aunoa knows the right form.

Sometimes, it's the litte thing.

Aunoa selects the invoice form for you automatically, based on the type of matter.

Don't worry about Form 23C vs Form 24D vs Form 4 vs Form ....

Record an Election of Trial by Jury in Aunoa, and the appropriate invoice is selected for you. Then, inform legal aid in one click.

Say goodbye to administrative overload.
Aunoa allows you to focus on what matters most to you. It is simple to use and makes life in practice easier.